A blind test! Assignment "Tactile Experience" (B32) ../0-ev_making/slideshow6/anim1.gif
Good ol' brainstorm! evidence/brainstorm1.jpg
Co-constructing Stories session. Me sporting a T-Shirt! evidence/co-con-story.jpg
Concept video on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/embed/sZQkQKfBYJY
Co-creation with govt. officials (could be planned better..) evidence/co-creation.jpg
Presentation. Kept simple. evidence/comm1.jpg
Co-reflection, this time much better prepared! :-) evidence/co-ref1.jpg
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About Me

  • B3.2 Assessment feedback
  • Vision
  • Identity

M1.1 Plans

  • PDP M1.1
  • Envisioned Identity


  • Service 2.0
  • Ideating in Skills
  • Actuating Movement in Refined Wearables
  • Designing for Peripheral Interaction
  • Red-n-Red
  • Integrand
  • Reading “This is Service Design Thinking”


  • Interaction Design
  • Professionalism
  • Master level

Future Plans

  • PDP M1.2

M1.1 Plans

M1.1 PDP

My vision was more split into two, combining software interaction design and interaction design in the field of automotive design. The project I chose focused on service design: another field I was planning to explore. This reflects into my goals, as I wanted to read more about service design, as well as target relevant competency areas like User Focus and Perspective, Socio-cultural Awareness, Form and Senses and Designing Business Processes. Read more about it in the sections “Current Development”, “Envisioned Development” and “Goals” of the PDP for M1.1.

Envisioned Identity

With my gathered expertise in interaction design and service design, I’d like to become an interaction designer in the R&D of technology companies. Service design skills will add an extra level to my skillset: a strategic dimension and a more holistic view on the interaction with products and services. Throughout my Master I can learn more about strategies for service design as well as through the activities I perform for my web design company. I can learn more about how to build a relation between the customer and the company. Moreover, how to design the moments of contact, the dialogue between the user and the company, as well as the overall experience of using the service.

In web design, I invest time and effort in providing service to my clients, as well as to keep a positive relationship with them. I recognize this in many service-oriented companies as well. For example, Spotify has a community to answer questions, requests, or keeping the clients engaged by their continuously updated music platform. They added a new way of interacting with the users by creating a community on its own. Continuing in web design is a good opportunity, though it should get an overhaul: my brother and me should go entrepreneurial. We should launch services besides the effort of designing websites. On short term, this is a good idea. I see some potential, and we have some promising ideas.