About Me

  • B3.2 Assessment feedback
  • Vision
  • Identity

M1.1 Plans

  • PDP M1.1
  • Envisioned Identity


  • Service 2.0
  • Ideating in Skills
  • Actuating Movement in Refined Wearables
  • Designing for Peripheral Interaction
  • Red-n-Red
  • Integrand
  • Reading “This is Service Design Thinking”


  • Interaction Design
  • Professionalism
  • Master level

Future Plans

  • PDP M1.2

Future Plans

PDP M1.2

With my vision and identity, I indicated which direction I want to take. With regard to my vision and identity, I want to stick to service design combined with interaction design. With this in mind, I think I can make better choices for choosing modules and projects, which I think is an improvement on how I started this semester.

I want to integrate more depth into the design project with research next semester. This involves taking various steps throughout the process, for example integrating methods that I used this semester:

In addition, I would like to have better involvement with stakeholders. The client was absent in the current design process, so I had to search for stakeholders myself. I could have approached stakeholders earlier on in the process, which results in more valuable input throughout the process.

My preference for projects next semester is Pics or it didn’t happen, Local (Em)Power(ment) and There is no I in team. These projects show potential for integrating service design, either showing opportunities for involving stakeholders on my own or getting involved with stakeholders defined by the project. I am planning on taking the modules Location-based Tools for Neighbourhood Transformation for designing in a multi-stakeholder context, Perrsuasive Technology for gaining insight into how to design for stimulating users to do something and Designing for User Experience for extending my knowledge about user experience.